Jan 12, 2018
Good Morning all,
I have a little bantam Silkie hen that has been sitting diligently on a small clutch. She had been getting up daily. Her eggs are now hatched but she is sitting with her legs straight out to the sides like she’s doing the splits. If I pick her up and help her stand, she can move around (albeit rather stiffly). But once she sits down again her legs keep slipping out to the sides and she can’t get up again by herself.
She appears otherwise healthy. She did however have an injury last fall, a dog got ahold of her. She appeared to have been fully recovered... but I’m regretting that I let her brood now. I’m thinking this is the result of those injuries mustn’t have healed as well as I thought. Any ideas how to help her? I don’t suppose I could do what people typically do for chicks with spraddle legs can I?
That’s kind of what I was thinking. But wasn’t sure if it would be okay, her chicks are only 3 days and still hide under her. Maybe if I did it higher up on her legs?

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