Hen and chick show TODAY!!!


Mar 16, 2018
Today is the day to show of your favorite hen or peeper! A quick example:

Name age breed
A little something about her
Your state. Does she lay yet?
Thanks for joining!

Also show off any cool birds you have around (peacocks, phesants,Guinea hens,ect ect ) let's do this thang!
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Dolly 08-10-12 020.JPG

Well, she is not my chicken....but acts like a chicken, super friendly and loves us! We think she is very special....super docile and loves being held! Miss Pansy is her name!
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Some of our pretty Button quail girls:
Caramel hen.jpg Dilute hen.jpg Ivory hen.jpg

Our proud Daddy quail:
Proud Daddy.jpg

Our 'Oddball' who lacks the black and white bib males usually sport - he's still young and I'm not quite sure how he's going to end up looking, but he's definitely a boy with the blue coming through on his chest and having a bright red tail:

And the boys to match the above females (though they are still very young and still have lots of maturing to do):
Caramel male.jpg Dilute boy.jpg Icecream.jpg
This is shell, a mixed breed who is one year old. She is named after shell silverstein, the author. She lives with me in mn along with her sister simone, brother attila, and mother olga. Her father sadly died this summer but she looks just like him:love exept for the color.

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