Hen and Roo in a tizzy. Egg casualty today :(

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    My duck started laying eggs over the weekend. This entire past year, the 2 ducks, hen and roo have co-existed very well... even snuggling in together to sleep. They've been raised together since day one. No trouble amongst them. ... until the duck started laying. The duck seems protective of her eggs while the hen is curious about them. My hen has never really shown any inclination to go broody - she's laid daily since the beginning of October. The duck has chased the hen out of the box. I'm noticing the drake bullying my hen a bit. Went after the hen while the hen was existing the nesting box. She's getting to be a bit of a mess with tossled and plucked feathers. Poor girl, she's never done anything to anyone! So laid back and minds her own business. So I was up to 3 duck eggs and one hen egg this morning. While checking on the duck, I noticed my hen and roo all wound up. Pacing and just being in a tizzy. The ducks, on the other hand, were nestled and snug on the ground. The drake is ALWAYS near the duck these days! I went on out to find that a new hen egg was all busted to bits. I'm not sure if the ducks did something (and then were acting all innocent) or maybe the hen laid it awkwardly and it hit the side of the box or just missed the box. Both the hen and roo acted upset about this. I removed the eggshell and they both seemed to calm down.

    Anyone have ducks and chickens together? Anyone experience the ducks being malicious in destroying an egg? At present, the duck has her 3 eggs plus one hen egg buried in the nest bedding as if it were hers. Either she's a baby stealer or she's color blind! I'm thinking I may need to separate the breeds to re-establish peace among them all.
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    I don't know..................possibly separate them?

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