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"Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance"

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by JennsPeeps, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. JennsPeeps

    JennsPeeps Rhymes with 'henn'

    Jun 14, 2008
    South Puget Sound
    OK, this is not a story of my chickens, but rather funny stories about someone else's chickens...

    My brother gave me a gift certificate to a bookstore for Christmas. I finally used it today. I'm not someone who buys books - that's what the library is for - so deciding is hard.

    I bought this book: "Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance" I had taken it to the bookstore cafe to read a bit and decide if I wanted it. After just 2 pages I was sold.


    Here's the excerpt that sold me:
    Fred was a multicolored, one-eyed troubador chicken who liked a wild time and was prepared to travel to get it. He was a jungle fowl, which meant he had extravagantly curling tail feathers and plumage that was a mass of golds and greens. Fred was a male bimbo with spurs.
    Fred's early-morning routine involved eating, fornicating furiously, then flying over the fence and scuttling off to the house down the lane, where their free-range chickens were given breakfast later in the morning. There he would have seconds, wink his liverish eye at various members of their flock, and engage in further copious shagging before hotfooting it back in time for tea with us, some post-prandial (mating) and then bed.

    I highly recommend the book!

    My sole complaint is that the hen on the cover appears to have been de-beaked. [​IMG]

  2. Lunachick

    Lunachick Chicken Slave

    Mar 19, 2007
    Brick, NJ
    I really liked that book jenn, you'll enjoy it. [​IMG] Anyone with chickens would appreciate it.
  3. georgem

    georgem In the Brooder

    Jan 4, 2009
    North East Kansas
    thanks for the recommendation! Perfecting timing too as a trip to the library is scheduled for monday evening.
  4. chickenbuddy

    chickenbuddy Songster

    Jun 4, 2008
    I'll have to check that book out! [​IMG]
  5. eggzettera

    eggzettera Songster

    Tssk, tssk, chicken porn on a family site.... [​IMG]

  6. Shared Acres

    Shared Acres Songster

    Aug 10, 2008
    Northeast Fla
    Yep, I liked that book too.

    Currently reading "Still Life with Chickens" which is a true story and mentions BYC several times. So far, so good. Wonder if the lady who wrote it is still on the boards.
  7. Reinbeau

    Reinbeau The Teapot Underground Premium Member

    Quote:She was on a while ago hawking (note the bird pun [​IMG] ) her newest book, her screen name is Heron.

    Still Life is a great read, particularly funny for us around here, the two towns mentioned are nearby - and her choices of names are extremely appropriate!

  8. Badhbh

    Badhbh Songster

    Nov 16, 2007
    Southern Indiana
    There were more than a few spots in that book that had me about to wet my pants. It lives beside my bed now, and I pick it up whenever I don't have anything else to read [​IMG]
  9. JennsPeeps

    JennsPeeps Rhymes with 'henn'

    Jun 14, 2008
    South Puget Sound
    I've been reading a chapter every couple of nights before bed. It's hysterical - non-chicken people wouldn't get it - and I'll be sad to finish it.

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