Hen appears to have lost her sight.

It was the bantam

In the Brooder
Jun 1, 2020
Been keeping hens for a while now and have seen a lot of weird stuff but this one has me stumped.I have a light Sussex hen and from all appearances it appears she has lost her sight.It kind of happened all of a sudden.She hasn't gone completely blind as she is able to go in and out of the hen pen.However when you throw food or turn its on the ground she appears not to be able to see the food and just pecks randomly in the hope that her beak comes in to contact with something.I had her up on my garden bench the other day tryjng to feed her and she just walked off the bench as if she didn't even realise that she was off the ground.She has no marks on or near her eyes and the eyes themselves look clear and alert.Anyone come across this problem before or have any ideas?

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