hen attack chick( it think)

chicken delighted

8 Years
Mar 26, 2011
my broody hen clutch is hatching this moring
i can in and found one 1/2 alive it had been peck at but still alive. poor thing. so i in my mad chicken mother mood chase her out. bad hen!!. thinking i would have to take care of them i started to get things around she came back to watch, the look she gave me
so i decided to give her a 2nd chance but i told her she would be lunch tomorrow if she's a bad hen. crazy thing walk in sat right down and took over. still dont feel i can trust her and she was eating some on the empty shell
what that about shell eating is that normal????????????????????????
As far as the egg eating.. could be a calcium deficiency. Try giving her access to Oyster shells? As to why she's attacking the chick.. maybe there's something wrong with it that only she can sense?

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