Hen attacked by a raccoon - her esophagus may be injured


10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
I heard one of my hens scream at 3:30 this morning and to my horror I saw a raccoon on top of her. The coon ran off but my hen was in shock. I thought she was blinded last night but she does have at least one eye - she won't let me try to open the other. I observed her drinking water (I good sign I thought) but I noticed quite a bit of water on her neck afterwards. How can I tell if her esophagus is punctured? How would I treat it?

She is a young hen, I've started her on antibiotics and have put her in a secure cage inside the coop so the coon cannot get at her again. She is walking, stiffly, and drinking. I haven't seen her eat yet.

Thank you for your advice,

Have you tried to take scissors to the area and cut some feathers down? Maybe you can see the wound better and get a better idea of what your are dealing with.
I am sorry to hear that.
I don't know what to tell you to do exactly but I'm bumping you back up hoping someone can help. Do make sure that you clean the area, apply neosporin (the plain kind), keep her seperated from everyone, and keep her food and water close. You may want to feed her some scrambled eggs for some extra protein.
Thank you all for your advice. After further inspection there is only a superficial wound to her neck but some more severe bite wounds to her breast and wing. She still won't let me examine her right eye so I'm not sure if the eye is gone or the lid is just tightly closed.

She's hanging in there - drinking water (to which I added antibiotics) and resting. I haven't seen her eat yet not even her favorite treats.

I appreciate all your advice and the encouraging words.


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