Hen attacked by dog now gurgles. Internal Injuries?

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    Jan 24, 2015
    One of my neighbor's dog has apparently learned a way to not only get out of her yard but to get into mine. Once the feathers settled I ended up with one dead hen and one missing. I found the missing girl two days later in another neighbor's yard hiding behind an outbuilding under some bags of leaves. This neighbor had heard about my search and had kindly let me walk her property and even helped unbury my poor, injured girl. The poor lady bird was so scared she laid an egg right where she was at some point and then proceeded to poop all over me when I set her down to clean her up.

    I found her nine days ago and brought her into the house where she has been recovering in a shower stall filled with a tarp and soft towels. She had some tear wounds and seemed mostly blind. She wouldn't really eat for a few days but when presented with water drank ferociously and then began blowing bubbles in it through her nostrils. She had been covered in blood, dog drool and her own mess. I cleaned her up, even around her nostrils but she was clearing them out in the water. She has reached the point where she eats fine, drinks fine, complains to be let out fine. She's walking, climbing onto the edge of the shower, responds to visual stimuli with open eyes-so she sees fine, her poop could be more solid and more brown but it seems ok but she has taken to gurgling.

    At first it seemed like it was her "stomach rumbling" because that's is exactly what it sounds like but I've never heard any other bird make such a noise. She goes to sleep with a full crop every night-I check despite her noisy complaints and great feather-fluffing-so I know she's not hungry. I can't tell if it is an internal injury or it is coming from her respiratory system because she rasps a little still too. The dog obviously had her head in his mouth (how SCARY) and it looks like he picked her up that way since most of the teeth injuries are on her back and below her wings. The dog was not full grown and doesn't have a large mouth so now I feel it crushed my girl's lungs or digestive system and I can't tell.

    Please can anyone give me any answers? I want to release her, supervised, back to her flock today but I'm scared she isn't well enough and I'm not always the one watching the girls and putting them to bed. I'm not sure if the other flock-tender knows what to look for.
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    Sorry about your hen. It's good that crop is full at night but important to know if it is empty in morning (good sign). You could use VetRX on her nostrils, around her eyes with a q-tip, on her chest and under her wings. You can also dip a q-tip full of VetRX and press it into the cleft of her mouth and it will go through the sinuses. It will help her to breath easier. I don't know that she got a respiratory illness form a dog bite. Only do the cleft thing once, and add a few drops to her drinking water daily. If after a week or two, she is still breathing weird, you might consider respiratory illness. Hope this helps. [​IMG]

    ETA: if crop is not empty in morning, that's a problem that may cause gurgling. Will require different treatment than mentioned above.
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    First, solve that DOG issue. I have 3 dogs, and a mess of cats, ... All get along . none bother my chicks. If any of my dogs did bother my chicks, there would be a RELOCATION. And it would not be my hens. Well you can see how the cats feel about their cohabitants. As to your hen, Make sure she is back to normal before returning her back to flock. [​IMG]



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