Hen attacked by dogs :(

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    Mar 19, 2008
    I was hoping someone here might be able to tell me if I'm handling this correctly. 2 days ago my Buff Orpington hen was attacked by dogs. I didn't see or hear the attack so I don't know particluars but I am positive it was our neighbors dogs. Yesterday she ate a little bit of hard-boiled egg white and yolk and a very little bit of cooked noodles and I'm not sure what she drank yesterday. Today she has not eaten anything at all but has drank a small amount of water with electrolytes and terramyacin.

    There is a wound on her back that I've cleaned up and put antibiotic ointment on but it looks pretty swollen so I'm going to lance it and make sure there's no infection. As for breaks or dislocations I can't find anything but I've never doctored a chicken before either. She will only stand up if I stand her up. If she tries to walk she just falls over. I also have not seen her move her wings hardly at all. She did flap them a bit at me when I pressed on her back picking her up but just a little.

    And the wound on her back seems to smell. Do chickens normally smell or could it be an infection? I've never sniffed my chickens before;)

    Any other help or advice would be great, thank you!
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    Aug 16, 2008
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    Sorry to hear about the poor hen.
    5 crushed 325mg aspirin (bufferin) in 1 gallon of water for pain and anti inflammatory
    rinse wound well and wash well with dilute betadyne and then put antibiotic ointment in wound
    I would think that a good cleaning would do and no "lancing" would be needed.
    Pain management will do a lot to keep her stress level down too.

    I pick up my hens all the time and they don't smell.
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    Feb 13, 2008
    I agree with the no smell factor......if she seems a little "ripe", than maybe she has an infection. is the wound red or pussy? I would def. give her the asprin, she will feel better. Do you have a vet around that will look at her for you? I know it is hard, knowing it will cost and arm and a leg (usually!) but in the long run, poor little Hen will benefit. I hope she makes a full recovery for you, darn dogs. [​IMG]
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    Mar 19, 2008
    Thank you for the advice.
    She seems to be doing the same today. She hasn't moved from the spot I placed her in last night which worries me a little, but we'll see how she handles the rest of today. I never thought of the aspirin for some silly reason, it's pretty obvious when we're in pain though [​IMG]
    I'm sure I could find a vet but no one on the weekends. I mentioned that to hubby and I thought he was going to have kittens. But he won't be back from work for another 2 days [​IMG]
    I'll let you know how she does today and thank you again!
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    *I would add *No-iron* Poly-Vi-Sol Infants Vits to her care. 3 drops into the side of her beak daily for 1 week, tapering off by 1 drop every week thereafter. The extra vit A will help with healing. Try tempting her to eat with small amounts of fresh hot mash. That will help keep her hydrated. You may need to hold a little bowl right under her beak so she doesn't have to move much for a time. . .
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    dip her beak into some water to get her to drink. I did this several times thru out the day when my hen was hurt. I cleaned the wound she had with peroxide. (i know alot of ppl here don't recommend it but nothing works better to clean a wound and clear an infection, imo)

    She wouldnt walk either for quite a few days. Slowly she began to stand, then limped when she did walk and now she is fine. It took a while before she could walk with out limping. I kept her secluded from the others, but she could see them thru a screen.

    Good luck

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