Hen attacked by other hens

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    Hen has been plucked on rear end so bad, it looks like hamburger meat. She drank a little pedialite. Not bleeding. What do I need to do? She is in a enclosed kennel in my bedroom. I am keeping her warm. Thanks for any help

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    First you need to get her completely healed up. So you are on the right track. Chickens are cannibalistic and when they see blood, they go after it. Once she has healed up enough so that she is not raw anymore, you will have to try to release her with the others. Watch the interactions very closely. Find out who is the instigator in the group as chances are one starts it and the others follow. When you figure out who is starting it, they need to be separated for a while. Keep this one caged or cooped up for 2 weeks. This will allow the rest of the flock to re organize the pecking order. Some will move up and the aggressive bird, when re released then becomes the new bird. She will definitely have been knocked down a few notches in the pecking order. I think this may be your only option. Good luck!
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    I suggest putting Blue-Kote on it. It's a disinfectant that also turns the wound blue. Red is a target color for chickens that means, "Kill!", so dying it blue tricks them into not attacking the wounds.

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