Hen attacked by Raccoon

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    Sep 26, 2010
    Our coop was attacked by a group of raccoons 3 days ago (my fault). One lost a lot of feathers and was dragged about 300 feet down semi rough terrain.
    We found her and got rid of the raccoon. The Hen was still alive, we got her back to the coop and she seems to have flesh wounds that are not too deep but around her neck, and some scrapes on her sides. She is missing A LOT of feathers. We washed her with one part hydrogen peroxide and 3 parts water then sprayed Neosporin on her cuts.
    She won't open her eye, but at the time it looked okay from the outside. Her cuts really don't appear too bad. I am worried about internal injuries. She passed a very broken egg the next day. My main concern now is that she won't go anywhere or do anything. She roosts near her nest and doesn't move at all. We put her on the ground to get some fresh air and she didn't take a step. Her legs are fine, she stands on them all day. She finally drank a little water, but she has had one baby worm in 3 days and 1 crumb of layered feed. Her eye is very swollen now and I think she is getting an infection. I am getting very worried that she is just too beat up inside to survive this. We are all realists that she is lucky to be alive, and that she may very well die, but if there is something I can put in the water to help her I'd love to know. thanks!!!
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    In this particular case (and not many others) i would consider an antibiotic, if you suspect internal injuries. I have never used antibiotics, so i don't have very good personal experience advice to give you on that count - but i have been told injectable penicillin is good for injuries. I can get that at my local feed store.

    If i were you, i would also let her rest isolated in a warm dark area. She needs to rest, and she definitely needs her egg-laying machinery to not be trying to work.

    I would try feeding her boiled egg yolks or scrambled eggs. She's going to get the most easily digestible and highly nutritious bites that way. If she won't start eating and drinking, obviously, she can't recover, so that would be my first goal.

    At my house, if they go for too long without eating and drinking, i make the painful decision to let them go so they don't suffer further by starving to death. I hope that does not become the situation in your case.
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    Sep 26, 2010
    Thanks for the help. I will try the eggs, the softer smaller bites makes sense. She has started walking around now.
    We have talked about putting her down, because we don't want her to suffer, but we don't want to do that too soon, if theres a chance she could come through this.
    Unfortunately, that is where we might be if she won't eat. thanks
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    Jun 27, 2010
    Listen, she made it through the night and that's a good thing. Give her little bits of grapes or tomatos, something she can't resist. Keep her in her own calm and quiet place with water and tasty hydrating treats like mentioned. She's made it this far she deserves a chance. Sure, she feels like she just climed out of a train wreck so she's sore. Dribble some water with electrolytes from a dropper next to her beak so she'll keep hydrated (i.e., don't force it). Keep up the good work. [​IMG]
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    i agree with chkn, give her a chance. That was a pretty dramatic event she endured. Keep her warm and dry, maybe in a carrier inside your house. If she won't eat scrambled or hard boiled crushed egg, try a baby parrot hand-feeding formula. Most pet stores carry that. It's a powder that mixes with water and is loaded with vitamins and nutrition. She probably could use an antibiotic and maybe some pain meds. i suspect my vet would prescribe Baytril for infection and some metacam for pain. That's what i usually get for any chicken who is sick or has experienced trauma. Can you get her into a vet? If not, hopefully someone will pipe in here and recommend a good all-around antibiotic you can get at a feed store.

    Good luck with her recovery.
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