Hen attacked by Rooster

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    Today when I got home I found one of my hens got attacked by one of my roosters. She was in the coop cowering in the corner. He got her really good on her back, plus she has about half the feather on her head missing and a small amount of blood. It's not bleeding though. This hen is a older hen and and the Rooster actually cockerel, he's 8 months old. This hen really has never laid eggs for me or if she has, she's got a good hiding place. She has never allowed the roosters to mate w/ her. However, today this rooster got her good. I have her by herself now in the coop locked up w/ food and water. I am due to go on vacation this Tues. to the following Tues. I plan on keeping her by herself until I return. In the meantime should I treat her wounds? They are really only superficial. Any suggestions?

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    Quote:An old biddy who won't put out.

    Probably talks too much, too.

    I can empathize.

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    If the wounds are superficial just put a little neosporin on them, and ask whoever's watching them for you do the same. She should be fine.
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    Jan 1, 2009

    That poor hen!
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    Hope she is OK.

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