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    I have a hen that was attacked by one of my roosters. I was away on vacation for about a week. Just before I left he attacked her and her wounds were really only surface wounds. Feathers missing on her back where the rooster steps on their back for breeding and feathers missing on the back of her head. The person that was watching them for me lives on the property too and I told her to go ahead and let this hen out in the afternoon and keep an eye on her or listening to make sure there are no fighting noises for a few hours so she didn't have to spend the whole time locked up. Well on about day 5 while I was gone this same rooster attacked this hen again only worse. It appears a hunk of skin on the back of her head was taken out. At least that's what it looks like to me. It has crusted over and is a little bit swollen. Not sure if I should try to clean it up and put something on it or if I should let it be and just keep an eye on it. Needless to say this rooster is either going to be rehomed or is going to be dinner.

    Any suggestion as to what to do for this hen's wound would be greatly appreciated.

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    Chicken love is a rough and tumble affair. Not much romance there.

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    I'd clean it up, put neosporin or some kind of topical antibiotic ointment on it and keep an eye on it. It would probably be a good idea to separate her from the others so they don't pick at it though or put some anti-pick stuff on it. I've never used pine tar but people here say it works really good. Blu-kote is another product you can get at the feed stores but it isn't supposed to be that good at keeping the pickers away. It does, however, have an antibiotic in it. I hope your hen gets better and your rooster tastes good! [​IMG]

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