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    Feb 5, 2009
    I have just got a cockrel, I have kept him separate from the hens for a week to check he doesnt have anything he could give to my chickens i already have, I have just started to try an intoduce him to the others however one of our hens is attacking him and chasing him. is there anything i can do to stop this i know to put him in a night but is there anything else to stop her sttacking him, it doesnt seem to be food related it is just whenever he goes any where near her.
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    Couple things here Hattie, Older hen/young roo, she`s gonna establish her dominance. When he is old enough to be a man, he will dominate her. Until that time, she`s gonna make his life hell every chance she gets.

    I watched this drama play out in my own yard. It was quite intertaining. I purchased some Americauna hens. The largest was mean to the other 3 so I penned her with a young Spanish Game Stag. She beat the snot outta him for a couple months. She would chase him around and the only place he could get relief was on the roost. One day, while feeding, I noticed that he was acting braver. She jumped him and he kicked back. This little tounement continued, so I watched. As things progressed, I could see she was determined to rule this youngster. It was as if he became so angry you could see it all over him. He whipped her in about 10 minutes and then proceeded to assert himself by chasing her all over the pen. Up on the roost and finally into the nest where he continued to wear her out. After a while, he walked away, satisfied that he was now the "cock of the walk" and there was never another minutes trouble between them.

    Your boy is gonna have hell to pay until he grows some cahones. Make sure he has room to escape, but don`t worry about him. He`ll be fine.
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    Feb 7, 2009
    Some hens just want to be left alone and mind to themselves and will fight any chicken that comes their way.
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    I remember a boy like this in the 4th Grade - didn't stand a chance... I think he's now a Navy Seal... Yah, as long as he can get away, they'll just simply sort it out. I'd keep an eye on them though.
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    [​IMG] Any new birds I quarantine for at least a month before I introduce them to each other. I put them in adjacent runs for awhile so they can get used to seeing each other after I take them out of quarantine.
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