Hen Autopsy, Large Mass (shell cyst?) CAUTION: Graphic Pics

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    May 3, 2011
    I have (had, she passed away night before last) a Gold star hen, about 5 months old.
    She got very lethargic and sick in March, then seemed to recover, but never laid eggs and couldn't get up to roost with the other hens.
    I thought she had started laying eggs last week, but was never positive.
    Day before last she was sitting on the floor of the coop, closing her eyes, very listless, with heavy breathing.
    I separated her and pet her and felt her, but I am an amateur and didn't know what to feel for.
    I dropper fed her ACV water and loved on her, but she passed away in the night.

    [​IMG]I was so curious about what could be wrong that we decided to autopsy. The following is graphic.[​IMG]

    Could she have been making a shell "cyst" these last 8 weeks? It is difficult to see, but there are rings in the white mass,
    like a gobstopper (sorry, couldn't think of anything else!)
    There were several of the cysts clumped into one that was bigger than my fist (I have a big fist!).
    They had a creamy, clotted fluid inside a small center.


    This was in her ovipositor. Looks and feels like a cooked yolk.

    Her heart seemed enlarged to me...Triangular, but excessively large at the top.

    She was making eggs, this is a "pretty" line up.
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    Aug 11, 2009
    I was thinking internal layer too. i lost one to that, it was a very unpleasent experience. She got so thin yet her abdoman was huge.
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    All these came from a hen who had not been laying in 8 months, then died. They're made up of egg material and solid infection.

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    Sorry about your hen. [​IMG] I appreciate you sharing with everyone though. Good for reference.

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