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    Have 4, 9 mos. old Golden Comets. Have been laying daily for 2 mos and generally are docile birds. 1 went broody for a few days (no rooster here), she went to a cage for a couple of days and behavior is back to "normal", although she's still not laying. Has only been a few days back in the group, but she's being picked on by the other hens, mostly by the "leader". They have plenty of coop and run room, plus free range in the yard for several hours a day. Have tried seperating her part of each day, but still being tormented when put back with the others. She does roost okay with the other 3 at night. Have 2 food and water areas, but she's chased out of both. Didn't know they could get so nasty! Any ideas of what to do? Should they be left alone to work out their pecking order?
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    Have you tried separating the "leader" for a couple of days? See how "broody" does with the others? I have heard that this may knock the top hen down a few pegs when you put her back in. You may have to try a few times or take the top hen out for longer each time. Try not to take the broody one out unless there is serious fighting. They do need to work it out themselves with a little encouragement and supervision from you.
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    If it's mainly the boss hen that's doing the bullying, remove her not the one that's been bullied. See how they do after that.
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    This worked wonderfully for me too...I removed my top hen who was picking on everyone and put her in her own cage for two days and then put her back in. Your doing the right thing [​IMG] If she is still picking on her then take her right back out and put her back in her cage for another day till she gets the point.

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