Hen breathing heavily after severe attack

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    Aug 28, 2016
    During the day yesterday, our flock was attacked (we think it was a mink) and four were killed and two wounded. One was just a puncture on her back (she's survived worse and seems to be doing just fine) but the other one (~2yr buff orpington) was pretty much skinned from mid-back down (I mean REALLY skinned. muscle and everything was exposed). We cleaned and bandaged her and she seems to be doing okay. We're keeping her inside with us and she's drinking plenty (electrolytes in her water) and eating a fair amount.

    After going through shock yesterday, she's pretty perky and follows us with her head and is able to stand if need be. However, she is breathing quite heavily. Her whole body moves up and down when she breathes. I can hear some mucus or something when she breathes but that might be a bit of stuff left from when she threw up a little earlier. Anything I can do to help the breathing? Or suggestions for the wound? I can post pictures if necessary.

    Thank you!!

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