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May 22, 2011
Can someone help me problem solve? I have three beautiful hens, just over 6 months. They were raised together from chickhood and have always gotten along quite well. They graze together, dust bathe together, etc. This morning Maybel (Ameracauna) was AGITATED. She was loud and the first thing I noticed was that she ran over to Wanda (Barred Rock) and pecked her. Wanda ran away. Weird. Then she continued being loud and I felt like she was uncomfortable- needed to lay perhaps and was taking out her discomfort on someone close to her? She did go into the nest box and then came out still agitated. Not sure if she laid because at this point Eve had gone in. I figured she hadn't. She was pacing and squawking.

I let her out with Wanda and they went their separate ways and grazed. I put them both back in the run. When I came home this evening I thought she seemed more calm. I let all three out to graze again and AGAIN she chased down Wanda and attacked her. Next Eve (Production Red) started doing the same to poor Wanda but not nearly as aggressively. She just seemed like she was jumping on the bandwagon. This went on here and there all evening. I noticed a tiny amount of dried poo on Wanda's downy vent feathers and I cleaned them off with a warm damp flannel. By the time I had finished, the other two had gotten in the coop. Wanda took a long time to get in and when she did, they prevented her from getting on their perch. She was sleeping on the second perch in the back, all alone.

What is happening???? Is something wrong with Wanda and they are sensing it? If so, how do I diagnose it? Could they be just establishing pecking order this late in the game? BTW, all three laid today.

I'm trying so hard not to humanize their behavior, but it seems like middle school girl stuff to me.

Any help much appreciated!!!!
sounds like poor wanda is at the bottom of tyhe pecking order...and the other 2 are working hard to keep her there!...good luck...and keep me posted how things work out!.........i hope someone can be more help
This morning they were all out in the run. Wanda was sequestered to a perch while the other two dined. Eventually she nervously hopped down and the other two chased her, not letting her eat. UGH!!! Why would pecking order stuff be happening this late in the game and why so abruptly?

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