Hen cant walk well and its realy hot here.

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Dec 31, 2007
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JUst got home from work and found this hen like this. Its 100 degress here today but the other birds seem fine. Her legs arnt working well and she just wants to lie down. And she is clucking softly. Could this be egg bound????
I dont know what could be wrong but I will bump your thread up so everyone sees it. I hope you get help soon. There are a lot of great people who now a lot and will help soon.
Do you know when she last laid an egg? As an emergency measure in case eggbound, folks sometimes give a crushed up Tums - mix witha bit of water and gently and slowly dribble along her beak line with a dropper so she swallows the liquified Tums slowly without choking. People also give warm baths when a bird is eggbound but of course we don't know if that's the problem.

Have you been able to check her closely for injury?

It looks like you have her inside where it's not so hot? (she doesn't need the stress of the heat right now - she should be at a comfortable temp).

Keep telling us everything you can think of that will help determine the problem and so that more people see your post.

Age of bird
How long you've had her
When the last time was that you knew for sure that she was by all accounts well
What is her poop like?
Do you know if she had been eating and drinking well?
Etc etc

That poor sweetie - I hope she will get well.
have you seen where she has been laying eggs
she doesn't lie on the floor like it is egg bound

are you sure she didn't free range and get some spoiled feed and or spoiled water
and this is making her legs like they don't work
the botulism is always to make the chicken like they are paralized

here is the
water with epsom salts that you could feed her so she could get over the botulism
1 qt water with 3 tbsp of epsom salts
for two days

maybe try and see if she will eat the wet mash probiotic and then see if she will drink the water

it may be she is egg bound do this

if she is egg bound it will be hot about 3 inches from the vent and hard to touch

now here is what to do

take a eye dropper and some kind of oil
olive oil or cooking oil
and fill syringe and put the oil into the vent on both sides

do about 4 eye droppers full

then take your hand and bring it hard down from the breast area about 4 inches above the vent

this is to push the egg if it is there down into the vent

if you do see a egg then take and make a couple large holes in the egg shell
now take a needless syringe and suck out the egg white and yolk then take a large twizzers and gently PULL ALL THE EGG SHELL OUT
the egg shell has to be pulled ALL OUT as it will hurt the hens insides
if you thinki the oil is gone then put some in the vent each side before pulling the egg shell out

but there should be enough oil in there

now after taking all the egg shell out take and refill the vent with 4 eye droppers of oil

then give her this
wet mash probiotic with vit's

3 tbsp of dry cruble feed
4 tbsp of milk
1 tbsp of yoguart
then crush up a 1000 mg of Vit E and cut end off the capsule and squeeze it into the wet mash
1 vit B complex crushed into the wet mash
1 selenium tablet crushed into the wet mash
mix all good and add
1 tbsp of applesauce to help her be interested in eating this

My feeling is she has a serious case of E.coli and she needs the wet mash probiotic twice a day for two weeks and it will help her gut flora and nervous system

any questions email me
Since we came inside out of the heat. She is not panting anymore. And she is now standing. She seems much Less stressed.

She is a pullet. And she was fine when I left this morning for work. I wonder if the other birds ran her around and got her over heated. She has a bare patch on her back that the other hens are attracted to.

Im strting to think that she got over heated.
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Well things look much better. After a hour and a half in the A/C she is doing much better. She even went out with everyone else to free range. Looks like it was the heat.

Thanks for all the help.
Glad to hear she's better. I spent most of my life in Austin, and I can attest to the fact that the heat and humidity are beastly.

I used to buy a bag or two of ice, put it/them in a washtub and set up a box fan to blow across the ice toward the chickens. It really helps keep them cool.
it's important to keep an eye out for heat prostration..move to cool place..
and have some electrolytes on hand.(very important)
Durvett makes a decent product..
or in a pinch..give diluted Pedialyte.,,drops on beak.
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Glad it seems to have 'just' been the heat. She is quite vulnerable to it. Fans, cool water, shade, electroltyes,....she will need special watching.

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