Hen crowing or rooster who squats?


Oct 3, 2013
I purchased a pullet Easter egger chick back in March. When he was 1.5 months old I was convinced he was a cockerel because he had a very low “manly” voice unlike the other pullets who had soft hen sounding voices. He also had shiny tail feathers.
The little guy was also my only Easter egger which are notoriously difficult to sex, so I wasn’t sure what to expect (especially considering that the last 3 guaranteed pullets I purchased from the feed store turned out to be roosters).

Well he never grew any of those gorgeous rooster feathers and his tail is pretty rounded, so I went back to thinking he was a hen (even though I continued to refer to him as a “he”).

The Easter egger began squatting about 2 weeks ago and his comb has doubled in size and is bright red.
3 days ago, someone in my flock began crowing. Mind you this is a flock of hens, not a single rooster. All of my March pullets have began laying within the last week, so little Easter egger is the only one yet to lay.
I haven’t been able to figure out who is crowing because they shut up the minute I get out there, but I’m positive it’s the Easter egger. The crow also doesn’t sound like a typical “hen crow” which I’ve dealt with in the past from a different flock. It’s very much a rooster-like crow.

Now I’m wondering, is it possible for this Easter egger to be a rooster that squats, or is it just a hen that decided she wants to crow? And if it’s the latter, how do I go about getting him to stop. I don’t enjoy waking up at 6am to crowing.
The bird in question looks like a hen. But it’s the only one of the March pullets that’s not laying yet. I don’t have any other cockerels, and I keep track of which hen lays what egg, so I know for sure that every other chicken is a hen/pullet. That’s why I’m assuming the Easter egger is the culprit. I will try to sneak out to coop before they see me so I can catch the crower in the act.

in the mean time, here are some pictures:
She's a pullet.

How old are your other birds?
One of my hens was crowing away the other day.

my older girls are 2yr olds. I’ve never had an issue with them before. The younger March pullets are about 7-8 months as well.
I’ll include pictures of the rest of the flock. Since it’s likely a hen crowing, how does one go about getting her to stop lol?
I've heard you can postpone the crow slightly later in the day if you keep the crower in the dark.

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