Hen "crowing"?????--sorry double post


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Jan 11, 2011
Central Coast, CA
Ok forgive me if this is a totally stupid question. New chicken owner!!

So my easter egger hen I inherited has been crowing in the morning the last few weeks. It's definitely a she, she definitely lays eggs. ANd no its not as much of a crow as a roosters, but its still loud. I worry about it being obnoxious to the neighbros! We are allowed to keep chickens in my zone, but not roosters and basically as long as there aren't a lot of complaints with noise.

So what gives? Why do hens do this? Is it a dominance thing?
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Is she crowing after she lays an egg. If so, she is letting you & your neighbor know that she has layed an egg. Mine do this as well & its pretty loud. Its the egg song.
Yes, I also have an EE hen that's crows once in awhile. It isn't quite like a roosters crow, but still a crow. She'll get up on the outside perch and do it. It cracks me up.
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