Hen cut bad on side.is cut/tore really bad

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Can a rooster cut the whole side of a hen? This is unreal. She is a light brahma and under her wing she is a tear in her skin. Could the light Brahma rooster do this? He is a big rooster. How can I fix her? She needs stitches? I am starting her on antibiotics in the morning. How can I help her? Please help me. DeeJay

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    Jan 31, 2008
    A rooster could have done this if his spurs are long and have not been clipped. You will want to seperate her from the others until it is healed or they will quickly become cannibals. Antibiotics are good, you will want to wash the area and keep an eye on it to make sure it is kept clean and no infection has started.
    Stitches are probably not neccessary they will usually heal fairly well if left alone from the other birds.

    Let us know how she is doing

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