Hen Died a few months ago!!

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    Mar 29, 2010
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    Okay this happened a few months ago but out of curiousity of what happened I decided to post it. This is what I sent to the people that I had had bought it from the day before:

    First email: just yesterday I found an easter egger that was acting very "slow". When you picked it up it would just not even care it would walk VERY slow and acted strangely. when I went out their tonight it was laying on it's side completely still. It was still alive and I tried getting it to move and all it would do was some light flapping when you threw it in the air. It would just fall and hit the ground! unlike normal chickens do when you throw them up. I am just emailing you to see if you know possibly what could have been wrong?? any possible diseases? or was it just picked on? Because there was some very mild fighting from introducing them together.

    second email: It died tonight. It just totally stopped doing anything! It just laid there and died. It did have some bad bloody spots on the base of its tail and the feathers were gone.

    They didn't know what cold have happened so I just let it be. any ideas??
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    My guess is throwing a sick chicken in the air and letting it fall and hit the ground certainly did not help any.
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    Those are some pretty vauge symptoms, so it could've been a lot of things. Usually you should start by treating a sick chicken very tenderly and gently, isolating her and observing her so you can report her signs of illness, then you can pinpoint what is wrong and how to treat.

    If she died within a day, I'd say you were sold a sick chicken by the sellers.
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    From the information so far I'd have to suspect Marek's disease. Birds can have it and not show symptoms until a time of stress. Moving her to the new location and the interaction with the new birds triggered the weakness/paralysis that is the main symptom.

    There are a few things to note for you in this. First of all isolation of all new birds for a month and then reduction of their stress with interaction of new birds once introduced is very important. Second as mentioned the treatment of birds once identified as sick is back to isolation and protection rather than testing their athletic ability.
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    Yeah I know I did the wrong thing by treating her that way. I was just trying to see if she was just lying there or what. at that point I didn't know anything was wrong! i feel bad about it now. Thx for the suggestions. I will definetely start isolating new birds that is a very good suggestion. Sorry, I hope you don't think i'm an idiot haha I got some pretty blunt comments. But they were necessary. Thx! I think it might be mareks too. I have had a chick recently that I think might have it. you can see my thread on that. https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=4194388#p4194388 If that is the case than I know that the other ones brought it. Thankyou

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