Hen died from being egg bound? *Pictures


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Mar 23, 2008
Waco, Texas
Today when I went to check on the chickens and collect the eggs I found one of my little nankin hens dead in the coop. I pulled her out and she looks fine. No marks, bites, tears, etc on her at all. Her comb was purple and her beak was open just a bit. When I turned her over I noticed her vent was pushed out a little bit. The pictures show her vent as being really red, but it wasnt. It was a little red, but not lots of bright red as the picture shows. She had a little white gunk in her vent, but Im not sure what it was. I pulled her vent up just a little to see if maybe it was an egg, but it wasnt. Im not sure what it was. I have three nankin hens and Ive noticed that one of them was laying a slightly bloody egg. Im not sure which one it was as Im at work all day. I get home around 4pm and by that time the egg is already layed. This past weekend I stood around the coop pretty much all day to see if I could see any of them acting odd. But I didnt see anything. They were all eating and drinking fine. So Im not sure what happened to her. If she were egg bound would it have caused this? Her comb and wattles turning purple and everything? Im not sure what else it could have been.



If she were eggbound, you would have noticed it in her behavior first. They can go a long time being sick and they walk like a penguin or hold their tail up funny when they sit, IME. Her bottom does look weird and irritated. Prolapsed vent maybe? You'd have to do an autopsy to tell more. As unpleasant as that is, sometimes it is the best way to get a diagnosis and determine if what killed her is any threat to the rest of your flock. Sorry you lost your hen.

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