hen died suddenly

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  1. shilo24

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    Aug 17, 2016
    Hen died suddenly, went in the run to feed this morning she was just sitting there i picked her up and water and fluid and looked like mud came running out of her mouth she went lemp and died within minutes . Now we live on the east coast of NC just went through the tropical storm and the coop and run soaked run standing in 2inches 0f water for a day they did have a roost to get on in the run.could she have died because of the rain. Or should I treat all with a antibiotic.thank you.

  2. blairctchickens

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    May 9, 2016
    North East Kansas
    I am sorry for loss, and sorry your post got lost in the mix. [​IMG] I would suspect your hen tried to forage for food in the muck and ingested to much mud and her crop could not take it. If your pen/coop/run area retains water like that I would highly suggest moving it to another location that has proper water run off. If you cannot move it you need to look at how to raise the area some, or add a substrate and a drainage area so the bird have a dryer place to run.

    Also [​IMG]

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