Hen doing great! Gonna be a good Mama!

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    Jun 15, 2009
    Our hen Ginger is doing really well! It took her a couple days to realize what we were asking her to do. I mentioned in a previous forum post that she was wanting to be broody, but our "top hen" (a Turken) wouldn't let her and kept chasing her out of the nesting box when she wanted to just sit on the eggs. We set Ginger up in her own box in the garage:


    It took her about 2 days to get what we wanted her to do. Go broody again. We left the lights off full time the first 36 hours. After then, I have been going in twice a day and turning the lights on in the garage for her to get up, stretch, eat, drink and poop. (UGH! The poop!)

    We candled the eggs yesterday too. All 7 eggs (we got from a farmer friend with a roo) have dark embryos in them!!! She wasn't too pleased with us messing with her babies however. [​IMG] After we were done, she went into the nesting box and started rearranging them the way SHE wanted them and promptly sat down as if to say, "I don't like the way you put them back. Go away and let me deal with this!"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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