hen drinking lots of water and expelling her eggs at night help!

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    Nov 11, 2007
    hello, i hope im doing this right,

    i generaly sit with my chickens beffor they go to bed, so i know their habbits. one of my chooks who is a large breed sussex and 1 year old, has started drinking at night? its been going on for three nights. she would get setteld and then...up she gets and has a very long drink, stands for 5 mins and then finds her way back to settel down again. now im not sure if this happens after i go to bed aswell.
    ive watched her through the day and yes she drinks fine..a little more than the others.
    well tonight took the cake because on her way to bed she dumped an egg with no shell just the membrain. she of cource proceded to eat the egg. she came to bed sat down then out she went in the pitch black grabed a long drink and then proceded to expell a non shell, non membrain yolk.
    she looked like she was in pain because she just stood their in the dark, not moving in a kind of hunched possition.
    i picked her up gently and felt her abdomin for any hard lumps or obstructions. nothing. her poop is fine. im worried her kidneys are having problems. i checked her keel bone and she is not over weight or under. her eyes are clear, mouth is fine.
    this has all just started happening, and im prepared to take her to the vet, but our vets here have no clue about chickens, so they expect you to have a good idea what you need and they just confirm or give you a new diagnosis based on your info.
    i dont care about the eggs i care only for her and she is my first of 18 chooks to ever have an egg problem. the chickens get layer pellets, shell grit, layer mash and on ocasion some bird seed. this routine of dry food has not changed. when i let them out everyday they eat the grass and other bugs. and if i can afford it i buy them some corn on the cob and chinese lettice. food scraps are rare from us as we dont usualy have much left over.
    im sorry for my poor spelling.
    please can you give me an idea of whats going on. maybe she needs more vitamins...i dont know.
    isnt it alwaysthe way that the favorit chook that gets ill
    thanks from tegan.

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