Hen drops egg from roost due to new hens in the coop!

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    Sep 6, 2011

    We have 7 hens. 2 that are almost 1 year old and 5 that are 4 months. The 1 year olds have been laying consistently in the nesting boxes since we got them at 8 months. Recently we put the 5 younger chicks in the hen house with the 1 year olds. Now one of our hens who lays her egg early in the morning does not get down off the high roost to lay. She just drops it and it ends up broken on the floor of the hen house! She lays early in the morning so it's dark in the hen house and I'm guessing she can't figure out how to get down because the 5 younger chicks are on the lower roost. We have two roosts going up diagonally and the nesting boxes under and behind the roosts. Do we need to reconfigure our hen house? What can we do? Please help, seeing a broken egg in the coop every morning is so sad!
    Thank you!

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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Put more straw under the roost?

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