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    Nov 16, 2015

    HELP!!!! In the past 2 days, 5 of our hens have lost an eye. It is across breeds. Above is a picture of eBay appears to be the newest case. My husband just discovered one yesterday and I found many more today. None of the eyes seem really swollen or irritated, they are simply closed up.
    Do we have some kind of sociopathic, eye-pecking chicken on our hands?
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    Welcome to BYC. The eyes may still be there. Have you seen any pecking? That could be a respiratory disease such as mycoplasma (MG) or coryza, especially with any sneezing, nasal or eye drainage or foam. Pecking or trauma to the eye could also be the problem. I would remove the affected chickens and separate them, and clean their eyes with warm soaks. Apply Vetericyn Eye Wash or Eye Gel twice a day to the eyes. Terramycin eye ointment is also effective. Here is some reading about the common respiratory diseases and symptoms: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
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