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    Any ideas? She's bout 5 yrs. old and overnight she started limping. She steps and woobles and sometimes catches herself and sometimes not falling down on her leg. I examined her foot and see nothing. It's like a pulled muscle or something. She's in a molt. I've seen her eating. Someone told me she has some disease and must be isolated. I'm hoping you guys know better. This is day 2. She seems better than day 1. I have them on live video streaming if someone wants to watch her behavior. I can direct the camera on her if I know some one wants to watch her a bit. I appreciate your help!
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    I would check the bottoms of her feet pads for swelling, redness, or a black dot that usually means bumblefoot. Then examine the entire leg up into feathers for swelling, bruising or a break. It could be a sprain or a break which is very common, or a disease such as mycoplasma synoviae, or viral arthritis.

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