hen gains weight stops laying


7 Years
Jun 13, 2012
I have had 2 red star hens. They are a 2 years old now. Neither of them have ever molted. They always laid well. They both stopped over the winter however my best layer hasn't started laying again and now its been about 6 months. She has gained an exceptional amount of weight. She is eating and drinking as she normally does, I haven't changed their diet ever. She appears to be stress free, has free range of the yard and a safe place to roost at night. The only thing I have noticed is that she will sit in the yard and act as if she is laying. She tries for about 10 minutes and then nothing. Then she will ty again. She does this several times a day. I thought she may be egg bound, I have oil the vent, nothing, I was going to try setting her over a steam pot because I read hat that relaxes their muscles. (I did this once before when I was new to keeping chickens and freaked because she didn't lay for 2 days) I don't know what else to do. I have read about peritonitis, etc. I don't know, she looks and acts perfectly healthy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


7 Years
Sep 21, 2012
South West France
How is she holding herself - does she walk normally, or does she sit down a lot and look like a penguin?

When you say she has gained an exceptional amount of weight, can you say exactly how much? (Do you weigh them from time to time, or does she just seem heavier when you pick her up?)

This is a link to a good article about egg yolk peritonitis - does this seem to fit with what you are seeing in your girl?


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