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    I have two roosters and 12 hens and the one hen they both like is Daisy the favorelle. The poor girl gets ambushed by the lower rooster, the dominant one comes to chase him off and then jumps on her himself to prove his "territory". Her back feathers are fine, it's the roosters grabbing onto her head that is leaving a bald spot. Can I give her a football helmet? bluecoat? is there some way to make her less sexy to the boys?

    I think they like her cause she's the only one with feathered legs. They are half brahma so they have leg feathering too. I don't currently have the room to isolate them, but will this problem dissipate with winter? I mean, they breed more in spring, right? or do the utility breeds have a year round libido?
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    Nov 12, 2011
    LMAO it must be the name Daisy...
    We have the same problem. 2 roosters, 7 hens, and they both want Daisy!
    Her head is fine but her back is pretty messed up from it.
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    Okay, I've got no answers so other than isolating the roosters I think I'm just going to have to stew one. They are both Dark Brahma crosses but I'm not sure what they are crossed with. Charlie is the dark one and may be crossed with a white rock. The helpful people on here seemed to think Latte may be mixed with Leghorn. I want big meat chicken for babies, so I think Charlie- who is larger- is going to be my solo rooster and Latte may be lunch [​IMG]


    or Latte?

    and here's the poor victim of their affections, Daisy. This is before the boys plucked the back of her head. She's just a hatchery Favorelle, but she's a good bird even if she's not anything near representive of her breed.

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