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Hen goes broody every time temperature drops into teens

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Juley, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Juley

    Juley Chirping

    Jul 6, 2012
    SW Washington state
    Dear venerable chicken masters,
    Does anyone out there have any theories as to why one of my pullets goes broody when the outdoor temps drop in the teens. The first time she had only been laying about 4 wks and I chalked it up to teenage hormones. That was fun, trying to cool her off without turning her into a chicken popsicle. About a month later the temps dropped again into the teens and again she went broody. Then last week we dipped into the teens again and again she went broody. I live in SW Washington state and we typically don't get very much cold weather in the winter, usual is 40s and soggy. Could the sudden drops be triggering some latent instinct in her little chicken brain? Or is she just a little different, there's always one in every bunch. lol Otherwise she is a great little chicken, good layer.Btw, she is a black orpington.

  2. TK421

    TK421 Songster

    May 24, 2010
    Central TX
    Is it possible that she escapes to the nest box because her roosting area is cold or drafty? Even if she's the only one that does it, she may be trying to find a warm cozy spot to sleep, and then the old broody switch gets turned on in the process. I used to have a GLW that would sleep in the nestbox. She went broody all the time.

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