Hen Got into fight with a wild one injured!!!

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    My broody, must have been defending the nest. A wild hen was fighting with her when we came home to get some clothes for the trip. She was laying on her side, her comb gone(no bleeding), and a slight bit of blood from the eyelid. SOme feathers gone to. She was on a brick, so I guess the brick caused the eye problem. She got up and ran into the coop after I touched her. She pooped that looked like chicken noodle soup. A yellow brothlike liquid and some regular white and green bits of poo. SHe then ate and drank. THis happended at about 5, and im in stockton now, and jusgot time to post.

    Is she gonna be alright? A dear friend told me some rice. I managed to cooks about 1/4 cup for her(thats all that was left)

    Then I got my friend to take in the wild hen. SHe is a WL(white leghorn)
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    I hope someone has more info for you but I know the rice has no nutritional value but mine love it.

    Good luck with her. I am hoping she is just stressed from the fighting and will be fine.

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