Hen had bloody stool

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  1. Rammy

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    Oct 20, 2008
    I recently had a white leghorn die and Im not sure what happened. She had bloody stool that looked brown and had blood in it and was acting lethargic with puffed up feathers but she was eating and would run when I got near her. The day before she died I was able to pick her up and checked her vent for egg bound and no egg could be felt. When I picked her up she threw up some watery bloody looking stuff. I wormed all the chickens with Wazine 17 last October but vet said it sounded like coccidia. None of the other chickens are displaying any symptoms and its been a week now. I recently got a Rooster almost a month ago. Could he have brought something to the coop? I did not keep the body and have a necropsy done and its too late now for that. Any clues?


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    Its possible he brought something in, I would think if it were something really contagious you would be seeing it in your other birds. Keep a close eye out for more bloody stools, or fluffed up birds.

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