Hen had gangrene, are most recent eggs safe to eat?

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    Hello all.. I don't know how it happened, but one of my hens, I think she was a New Hampshire red, hurt her foot the other day. She's pretty large, and we didn't see what happened, but thought she jumped off the roof of the coop and injured her foot on landing. She was limping around but was still eating and laying, and in decent spirits. Yesterday both of her feet looked like they were broken, arched in the middle where they should be flat. We don't have the extra time and money to dedicate to her, so we put her down. Upon examination, it looked like gangrene had started in her legs. So I'm wondering about the egg from today and the last couple days are safe to eat?? Also my Rottweiler ate her poop today :/ Hoping that doesn't make him sick! Any input would be great!
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    I cannot say if her eggs are safe to eat or not, but eggs usually are not a problem when chickens are sick. It probably is not worth the risk. If you witnessed her jumping from the roof, it would be better to diagnose her problem. Dogs eat chicken poop daily at my house from the 3 chickens that don't get along with my regular flock. If you still have the body, and it is relatively fresh, you can refrigerate it in a plastic bag, and send it off to your state vet on ice tomorrow, for a necropsy to look for a cause of death. Vitamin deficiencies can cause chickens to walk on their hocks and to have curled under toes. Hopefully, it was just an injury, and nothing infectious. Sorry for your loss.

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