Hen has broken neck!!

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    Soo I've raised this hen since 2 days old and it is almost 5 months now.. Well we bought the chick's from this guy who owned a feed store for my 4H project. All the chickens were fine but then I noticed that one of the chick's didn't look quite right. I figured the other chickens were being bullies, so I moved it out of the small area we ha for the chick's at the time and into a new one and put one other chick I'm there with it just so it wasn't lonEly. Well, it's almost 5 months now and you can clearly tell it's neck is messed up. Poor little guys head keeps getting twisted and it can barely walk.. We don't know if it's in pain because it doesn't make that much noise. If there's any advice on how to make a neck brace for it or what we should do please let me know.ASAP!
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    Can you post a picture? Or post a video on YouTube and put the link on here.
    If it is wry neck it is important to provide additional vitamins asap or she will not recover.
    Here's what I would start with:
    vitamin E gel caplets (human pills). You just pierce the caplet and squeeze into her mouth.
    Selenium (human vitamins) 1/2 50mcg pill each day (or provide sunflower seeds as they are high in selenium)
    Polyvisol Children's liquid vitamins without iron 2-3 drops a day

    If you Google wry neck there are several videos. Let me know if you think that looks like your girls symptoms

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