Hen has diarrhea, losing weight


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Mar 19, 2015
Hello! I have a 5.5 year old Rhode Island red hen. She has always been super healthy - no problems ever. Earlier this week I noticed that she had poop stuck to her butt feathers, and I took her inside and cleaned her up. But this has reoccured since then and her comb has shrunk and she has lost a lot of weight. Her poop is really watery and foamy. All the other hens in her flock are fine, so I'm thinking she may have picked up some bug. They love to drink out of puddles even though they have plenty of clean water and they also free range some.

I've brought her inside to observe and also because it has been really hot lately. I've started a regimen of fresh garlic (boost her immune system), yogurt (good bacteria for the gut), scrambled eggs (protein since she has lost so much weight), and drinking water containing a pinch of Epsom salts, raw ACV, and some electrolytes. Ordinarily she eats Purina Layena.

I prefer to heal stuff as naturally as possible, so if there is anything else y'all can recommend, I'd be very grateful.

Well it has been some time since this event and I hope all is well with your hen! I attached a link for your viewing enjoyment that maybe can help you in the future. I never thought when I started raising chickens I would be looking at so many poop pictures!

Here's the poop chart to take a look at:

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