Hen has gash in her neck what should I do?

I have WHAT in my yard?

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Jun 24, 2008
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We spotted one of our hens with a gash on her neck around her ear. It's a pretty bad gash, and she has a flap of skin that is separated from the area. Its not huge, but it looks ugly. I have no idea how she got it, but the main suspects are her flock mates. She's too young yet to be mated, she's about 10 weeks old. But, I know that won't stop the dominant roo from trying will it?

I cleaned her up and wound a light bandage around the area and put her in isolation. Within a half hour she had removed the bandage and escaped from her isolation coop! She went right back to the flock. She came close to hurting herself in her escape attempt and DH said she should just be left with the flock before she does hurt herself. I am afraid the others will pick on her wound. I am also afraid of not helping that flap stay closed. It's only about a half inch flap and she is acting like she's fine.

What should I do?
If she is acting like she is fine, then she probably is. I've had chickens that have gotten cut or caught in things and I did nothing to treatment except keep an eye on them, and they all healed just fine. As far as other birds pecking, you could put some blue kote on it to clean it and keep the others off, but be careful around her eyes and nose, since it shouldn't be applied to those areas. I wouldn't worry about the flap of skin. The area will scab over fine without the skin covering it. Watch for signs of infection, and give antibiotics if necessary.
Anyone else?? I can't find Blu-Kote. She seems OK today, but she's got such a hole in her neck. The whole flock seems agitated today. The young group at ten weeks seems to be picking on each other?? Is this normal teen behavior?
Some pet stores may have blu-kote....there are some things the pet store sells that make the wound taste nasty and control infection, if they are aggitated is there a preditor....mine get very aggitated when a strange dog/cat walks by.
I would put a stitch or two in the "flap" so that it can heal in place. Clean with Betadine. Apply Neosporin. Finally spray with FURALL. It comes in a spray can - can be bought at feed store - sprays on yellow - is an antibacterial made for keeping flys off wounds - the other chickens don't peck at it.

I've had to sew up a badly ripped up hen who lost a fight with a roo and a really badly ripped up duck who flew out of pen at night and showed up the next morning worse for the wear. Both healed like nothing ever happened to them and my DH didn't think the duck could recover - it was missing all the skin under it's belly - nothing I could even sew up.

Just use plain old needle and thread.

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