Hen has grayish dead looking feathers on her back, loose bowls.

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  1. TXchickendaddy

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    Mar 10, 2009
    One of my hens has grayish dead looking feathers on her back, loose bowels, and a messy looking vent. She is one year old, still lays regularly, and otherwise gets along fine.

    The other 5 hens seem unaffected, but I don't want this to spread. I feed them a layer pellet from the feed store and they get plenty of fresh water.

    So far, I've put DE directly on her back, in their dust wallow, and in their feed. I purchased a dewormer, but want to be sure before using it because it seems kind of harsh.

    thanks for your advice

  2. Fudgie

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    look near her vent at the feathers, does she have mites or lice? When mine look this way, that is usually the culprit. Sevin dust from the feed store or some sort of poultry dust will knock them out. Spread some on the floor of the coop so when the other girls dust they get benefit of that.

    Usually if one of mine has mites or lice, I dust everyone whether they have them or not.

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