Hen has liquid coming from her mouth..

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    I noticed my hen was acting different,she was off by herself and then when i gave her some food & water i noticed some liquid coming from her mouth. i seen this a few times happen with in the last three days. So for the last 3 days i kept her caged away from the rest of the chickens. i do let her out during the later part of the day to free range while I'm outside. She seems fine. She had a messy butt, so last night we washed her butt in warm water and cleaned her up. Her butt looked a little red probably from poop being there? she still is eating and drinking and she is alert and acts fine ,but I don't know why or what the liquid was coming from her mouth? Thanks, Julie
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    Had she drank any water recently? For a few minutes after drinking, chickens will sometimes throw up water if pressure is applied to the crop or if they lean their head down to, say, peck at something on the ground. It's not really an issue, just something that happens if they drink a little too fast or too much. If she seems otherwise fine, I'd say that's what happened.
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    Maybe that was it, i just never noticed that before. She still seems fine and eats, drinks.and poops. lol I will watch and see how she does today then i guess she can go back outside in the coop with the rest of the chickens tonight. Thanks for your help. ~Do you know what the life span is for most chickens? Thanks, Julie

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