Hen has tail down and just sitting around..thought she was broody but IDK.....

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    Apr 18, 2015
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    Hello all!

    I picked up a gold laced wy. and a buff about 12 days ago. They integrated into the coop well and in the first few days, they both gave us eggs. Both seemed very healthy and happy. Then the Wy. stopped laying and I noticed her sitting in her nesting box (which was just temporary...a big rubbermaid container with a hole cut out so they could walk in. She was sitting on one egg and then the next day, two but I'm unsure whose eggs they were (those are the only 2 laying, the rest are younger.) So I thought yay! She's broody! But then one egg was gone a few days later. No idea what happened to it so then the one egg was still in the box but she was sitting next to it. So I made her get out and flipped the nesting box up.

    Her symptoms when I thought she was broody....

    pale combs and wattle
    a bare spot on her chest (idk if it was there when I got her.)
    strange smelling poo
    sitting around all day with the exception of getting up to eat and drink, didn't bother to get up and poo that I saw...poo all over her feathers.
    Not roosting, sleeping in the box

    Now, her comb and wattles have gotten most of the color back but she still sits around all day and her tail is down. She will get up and move if she needs to but when we first got her, she was very difficult to catch. Poo still all over bum feathers. I thought maybe she was egg bound so I let her sit in a warm bath a few days ago. Nothing. I've been giving her some extra vitamins and some colloidal silver in her water. She is still not laying and neither is the Buff, who is super active and has a voracious appetite. The Wy. is still not roosting even though she isn't on the 'nest' anymore. She will sleep either in the nesting box or just on the ground.

    Sidenote: I noticed the Buff seemed rather hesitant to use the nesting box...she kept looking up and around her first few days here like maybe her nesting box at her old coop was up high. I felt like she wanted to lay an egg but wasn't comfortable enough. Is it possible she just won't lay eggs until I get her a better spot? It's been like 9 days since either laid an egg :/
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    They could have stopped laying because of the stress in adjusting to a new place and nesting area. You can feel inside the vent with a rubber glove an inch or so for a stuck egg. Make sure they are getting layer feed, crushed oyster shell or ground egg shells fed back to them. Hopefully they will start up again soon.
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    Apr 18, 2015
    Tucson, Arizona
    And also she is making sort of a gurgling sound when she exhales. Not when she inhales though.
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    Nov 3, 2015
    Did anything come of this?? My hen is doing the same thing and if there's something wrong I want to fix it now. I already lost one girl I don't want to lose another :(.

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