May 14, 2020
I have one very elderly hen who has been an indoor chicken for the past couple years. about 3 days ago, I moved into a new apartment in a new city and until today my girl has been adjusting wonderfully. yesterday she was especially active and curious. however, today all she’s wanted to do is sleep on me or on her dog bed. I’ve taken her outside a couple times but she just kind of stands in one spot. she’s had days before where she’s extra quiet (she’s very old so sleeping a lot is relatively normal behavior for her) but today she just seems unusually reserved and uninterested.

it’s worth noting that her crop is still full from yesterday as well, and her interest in food/water today is 0.

could it just be stress from the unfamiliar environment and overstimulation from all the new sights/sounds?


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Jun 23, 2013
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Stress is very possible but her crop not emptying is a concern. Is it squishy or hard? How old is "old"? Is she still laying?

This is from my notes, it was written by another BYC member (azygous)
Crop Issues - A squishy, liquid-feeling crop in the morning would indicate a yeast infection, especially if the poop is white and watery or "cottage cheesy". You would treat the yeast with an anti-yeast medicine such as miconazole.
You don't normally want to massage a sour crop or make the hen vomit as the sour liquid can back up into the airway.

A hard, lumpy crop, perhaps smelling like a stopped up garbage disposal, likely is an impacted crop. You would treat this condition with several doses of mineral oil, coconut oil or olive oil. You might need to add a stool softener. You might also need to treat a sour smelling impacted crop with an anti-yeast medicine after breaking up the impaction with oil and massage.

If all attempts to treat a crop disorder fail, and the crop continues to be full and refuse to empty, and if it is overly large and hangs down low from the chest wall, you may have a pendulous crop that needs support in order to empty. This condition may be temporary if the hen is young, but permanent in older hens with poor muscle tone on their chest wall. A support device is helpful to keep the crop functioning.

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