Hen hasn't laid an egg in 8 days

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    I have a hen just shy of 2 years old. Starting 8 days ago, I noticed she had white watery diarrhea and she was acting very lethargic. After a couple days, I brought her into the house and started her on probiotics and vitamins in her water. I've been feeding her greens, scrambled eggs with crushed shells, along with her regular pellets; she's drinking plenty of water. She's acting normal, pecking and scratching.

    Her poops have gone back to normal, but she has not laid an egg. I'm wondering if she hasn't because she was sick and still recovering or if something else is going on. I've read the symptoms for sour crop and egg binding and I don't feel either of those are issues. (Though I've never dealt with those before.)

    I'm not comfortable moving her back outside until I see her lay an egg. Any thoughts?
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    A number of factors could cause her to not lay, I see your in Maine, I believe you have some cold weather right now? There's one factor, I'm in OHIO and out of 8 coops only two coops are laying the rest have taken a break. Once the weather warms up you should see her start up again. It could also be that she was not feeling well for a while. So I wouldn't be alarmed about it.

    Hens do not lay all year around, they do take breaks. LOL
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