Hen hates coop/wants to sleep in holly tree


8 Years
Nov 19, 2011
I got a new hen about a month ago. She does not get along with my others. (I had 4, but down to two
). She prefers to be by herself all day (they free range), and if they are in the coop, she is picked on. She refuses to go in the coop unless I force her. I guess this is why she was given away originally. She wants to sleep in a big holly tree outside my front door. She stays up pretty high, and even wants to be there in the rain. Should I let her? I feel like she is relatively safe by my door, up high, and in a prickly tree. I'm totally at a loss for what to do.
Well it sounds pretty safe there I would if you have a guardian animal like a dog and I've read donkeys work well too I'm not sure though I got geese to do the job but there still young I also have dogs but they stay by the house where the coop is not as close so things go unheard that's also why I got some really loud geese also geese are just great.But anyways that's up to you what you do if you figure out a way to counteract her want of sleeping in the tree put it on this thread cause one of my hens won't stop sleeping on my trough and poops in the water then the ducks will end up drinking it and they drink a enough of there own poop.Hope I helped a bit.:)

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