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    So i know that when a pullet is ready to lay, her hips get wider. But, will a hens hips get skinnier during winter months when she's not laying?
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    I don't think so, a woman's hips after childbirth still stay widened.
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    I believe they do, I wonder this also and have read that even olders birds pelvic bone spacing decreases when not in lay. I had good luck examining pullets pelvic points, but have only tried it with one hen and her points had gotten closer together when she was not in lay.

    'Hips get skinnier' might be kind of misleading.
    You have to actually feel the pelvic points on both sides of the vent to determine their spacing. Maybe you know this.

    The condition of the vent will also change, being wider and moister while in lay, smaller and drier when not in lay,
    tho I have not personally tracked this....I think it takes some practice/experience to be able to spot it.
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