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May 22, 2009
Hi Again,

It's me, the "new mama"...I'm sorry, but I have yet another question! My husband built a wonderful coop/hen house/play yard and the girls have been out there full time for the past two nights. Here's my question. It doesn't seem as though they have actually been "in" the actual "hut", but choose to sleep outside, snuggled together in the dirt. Their usual bedding (pine shavings) is in the hut along with a lovely roost...is there something I am missing, or is it perfectly normal for them to choose not to sleep in their? (are they being rebelious teens?) I'm concerned that when it comes time for them to begin laying, they won't use their boxes, or when the weather turns cold, they won't go in to get toasty. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!
When it is time to lay you can put golf balls in the nest to show them where to lay. You can try placing them in there at night to show them where to sleep, it might be safer for them to sleep inside. It may take a few nights but they will learn.
Thanks Chillin'. I have some very good news! I got home from work today and went out to check on the girls and they were all three up inside the hut! Yeah! I guess they decided to check it out without our help. We have placed them up there every day in hopes they would choose to stay, but I guess it had to be "their" idea, not ours! Yeah! Anyway, thanks for the advice and reply. : ) Have a fabulous weekend!

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