Hen hurt baby chick


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Aug 18, 2020
My broody hen sat on fertilized eggs for nearly a month and unfortunately none of them hatched. I figured she was ready to be a mom so I bought three chicks from a hatchery and placed them under my hen last night. All seemed well so I left them together. I checked this morning and again all was well. Just checked then around lunch time and only one chick was with mom. Other two were hiding in the corner. Of the two one is acting normal but the other won’t move. Seems hurt but I can’t tell what is the source.

I have two questions: would you remove all chicks at this point? And what can I do to help my sweet baby that’s hurting?

thanks for the help!
Have you sat and watched how she behaves with them?
So the first night I only put one chick in with her. This is my first time trying anything like this so I wanted to be cautious. I watched for about 30 minutes until I felt good. And the next day I checked in several times and watched for 10-15 minutes each time. I thought I saw good signs - the chick was under her wing and didn’t seem distressed. I also saw her picking food out of the feeder and placing it near the chick. After that is when I added the other two girls and that was apparently not a good plan. The chick is doing better though under a heat lamp in a brooder
how old are the chicks? It takes them a little while to understand she is their mama now, hence them being scared. Did you see her hurt them? Also some chicks just don't thrive and die young. Nothing you can do.

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