Hen injured and can't walk

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    Feb 14, 2015
    My hen was recently picked at by my roosters and other Hens. When i found her, she was sitting down and couldn't move with a large raw spot on her back. I immediately separated her to clean the wound and let it heal. It's been two weeks since the injury and she can only wobble on her elbows. I'm not sure why she can't walk but I dont want to spend money on taking her to a vet because I don't have extra money. She eats and drinks but she hasnt laid any eggs since she was hurt. She can fly a little. Does anyone know what could be wrong with her?
    This was her the night I found her and her back was raw.
    this was her a few days ago
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  2. Hello, I believe that you hen just isn't walking correctly because she is most likely still in pain. If she moves her legs in the correct walking position she may hurt the wound. I would probably put some blu-kote on her to help it completely heal. When chickens are injured they usually won't lay,walk or roost until they are healed. If I were you, I would keep her isolated and keep her food and water near her. Hope this helps and keep me posted :D

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