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    Mar 18, 2013
    At 12:30 this morning we were awakened by our chickens screeching. My husband quickly grabbed a gun and ran outside to find two dogs helping themselves to our chickens. One of the dogs ran off when they heard the back door open but the other had a fatal night. I caught these same two dogs at the coop door two days ago trying their darndest to get their breakfast, but I scared them off, so sorry to say I didn't feel to bad that it was killed. It didn't have a collar or anything so it didn't seem to have a very responsible owner.

    We thought they had killed two of the three but this morning when the sun was out and we could better assess things, I realized only one had died. After observing the chickens for a while, I could see that one of the survivors is injured. It looks like the dog snipped or bit it right under it's right wing. It can stand, although I did spot it stumble once, but now it's starting to hide in the corner to lay down. I highly doubt it will be able to get into the nesting boxes to lay (which I know probably won't happen for a while because of the trauma) or roost at night.

    Any recommendations on what I can do? Do chickens recover from these types of injuries? Should we keep it alive?
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  2. Yes they can. It really depends on the severity of the dog bite. Can you see any open wounds? If so keep an eye on it. I think there is a greater chance of survival than death in most bites. But again it really matters how hard the dog got her. Good on you protecting your chickens. They will likely be stressed for a few days.

    Keep the injured hen out of the sun and check for open wounds and broken bones.

    Wish ya the best.

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